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Optical4Less - The world's leading discounted prescription eyeglasses store online.

Competitors challenge us on lowest pricing but Never on our prestigious Eyeglasses quality!

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discounted contact lens
Discounted Contact Lens
Buy eyeglasses from Optical4less.
Discounted High Quality Prescription Eyeglasses low as  usd!

Free shipping if you buy more than one pair of eyeglasses. Precision- Top quality customized progressive lenses. Super comfortable.
Free International shipping if you order more than one . No hidden fee ! Precision® -  the most advanced progressive lens design. Recommended by Optometrists.
Overstock Frames TONS of FREE GIFTS
Discount eyeglasses low as $15 usd Check out our list of big list of free gifts!
Every couple monthes we'll update our list of overstocked frames for you! Low as $15 usd Offered for both our NEW and Loyal repeat customers! Screwdrivers, USB drives, microfiber cleaning cloths, usb lamps and MORE+
Eyeglasses Professionals
High index eyeglasses, Special making eyeglasses and more! special making glasses
We are prescription eyeglasses experts. No matter whether you have -28.00 sphere, +6.75 cylinder, or even prism corrections, our big selections of high index lenses with remarkable carftsmanship suits all your needs.
Our super thin lens selections :
- GN® Super high index 1.74 plastic Lens 
- Extrem® 1.9 high index glass lens
- Myothin ® Lenticular (myodisc) minerial Lens
Check [ here ] for our latest eyeglasses lens options.
We also do special talior-made eyeglasses. Talk with our repesentatives for anything out of the menu!
Check [ here ] for info about special making glasses.
Overstocked Discount Eyeglasses
Vintage plastic frame with alloy bridge.
Thin and light frame with rectangular shaped lens. Smart and mature pair.
Vintage alloy frame. Elegant design.
Vintage frame with exceptional details and craftmentships. Half metal half plastic.
Plastic frame with alloy temples. Stylish choice.
Hi-quality plastic frame. Comfortable and good for daily use.
Designer semirimless frame with special temple design.
Rectangular semi-rimless bemdable frame.
Rectangular bendable frame. Bigger version of Mb041.
FREE UPGRADE Polycarbonate.
Light and slim.
Rhinestone rimless. Special designed hinges
HD Complete Hidden SpyCam Eyeglasses. 16G internal memory.
Hot Glasses
Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses
Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses
Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses
Navy blue . Nice color and comfortable .
Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses
Kid's avaitor frame.Bigger version of P117
Super light plastic hidden magnetic clip-on sunglasses
Avaitor frame for kids .Bigger version of P118
Big comfortable frames for progressives.
Round plastic frame. Cutie frame for your kids.
Small round frame for your kids.
High quality vintage frame. middle size.

Happy eyeglasses stories! Check out what our happy customers say!

Correct item arrived in 9 days from ordering. Purchased here before a few years ago; will purchase from here again next time .. . ....    
C . Burton , KENT UK

Second time I have used your service. Great service and great product for a great price ...    
L . Stepp , FL USA

Hi My glasses arrived yesterday. The lenses are exceptionally thin and beautifully crafted. As they are Myodiscs the outside edges are less than half the thickness of conventional lenses. Many thanks Martyn...    
M . Clemence , Hampshire UK

The glasses are amazingly and unexpectedly perfect. I have always had a hard time finding glasses to fit. I provided my requirements and the result was perfect. My wife really likes them too. Customer for life, Bob California...    
B . Lintz , CA USA

I have been with O4L for over 12 years now (16 orders) and the spectacles have always been well crafted, of high quality and as described. The real test is if something ever needs correcting. My last order was well made again but the lenses sizes were smaller than as per my order. O4L readily accepted the mistake was theirs and not mine as my order was clear and correct. Without hesitation they promptly made and sent another pair of spectacles of correct size lenses which were again promptly r...    
A . Dodd , Kent UK

I ordered clip-on glasses CO020 in Matt-Brown. My old transitional lenses would not darken inside the car, magnetic clip-on shade looked like a better idea.My prescription has astigmatism and I wanted also bifocals to see a dashboard. I selected Apollo Soft type lenses and progressive bifocals. Online ordering was easy. Two weeks later I received my order in NJ, USA. Now I could see stars in the sky! When I'm driving, bifocals provide clear vision of the dashboard and navigation. The gray clip-o...    
S . Kuznetsov , NJ USA

Very happy. First time ordering any thing like this. Very happy. Mate put me onto this site. A1...    
B . Abbott , WESTERN AUSTRAILIA Australia

Third set of glasses for my daughter, who has a specific prescription for eyes that cross, and once again a perfect fit. No errors in the lens, and they have been verified by her opthamologist. She loves the purple frame. Amazing price, speed, and quality, especially for kids who keep growing or breaking their glasses. Thank you for saving my sanity....    
K . Roy , NB - New Brunswick Canada

These glasses for from Optical4Less are very good I love the frames build to last very sturdy lenses are of good quality some of the best I've ever seen omg in in the USA and our frames and prescriptions don't come close I've have another frame with my prescription in my shopping cart ready to check out took only 8 days to ship to the USA using standard outward letter mail that's amazing and the price wow with my prescription gradient tinted standard lenses $55 with shipping which would have co...    
B . Parham , new jersey USA

Thank you optical4less! I did receive my order, it is great. Quality for fair prices. Highly recommended to my friends and family also the others....    
J . Luong , Florida USA

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